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03/06/13 - Aku kena belajar hidup macam ni. Sampai bila kena terus layan perasaan. kan? Kau boleh hidup lah Ayu. Kau akan terus hidup sekiranya masih ada oksigen. Tapi tidak apabila sudah kehendakNya :') Saya yakin boleh!


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    My Dream

    If I was born to be a rich girl, I'll travel around the world and no one gonna stop me. Since when I like to travel. When I read a book entitled "Around The World in 80 days" Don't you think it's a great book? Give me a strength to do what I want and what I want to do.

    Well, hello everyone it's been a very long time I didn't update my blog. I'm kinda miss my blog and my readers. Haha, I hope you all are in good conditions. Yeah, I really hope so. What I'm gonna tell you all is all about MY DREAM. Yeah, I bet you already know about it because it's on the title. Booyaa.

    I'm gonna make sure I'll study hard and work hard, I'm gonna do hard for everything I want. To travel, we need money. Money can't buy anything but money can help me buy what I want on my vacations. Ohh It's my vacations now. *Feeling excited*

    If I was in Paris / France 
    - The City of Love ! ohh I want a gentleman propose me there. In front of Eiffel Tower. Haha what are laughing at? I'm a girl I should think about it. You don't know very well about this girl. IMMA DREAMER. How lucky my future husband to own me. *Blushing*

    - As known as The Emerald City . Since when I like Sydney very much? Since I watch "Finding Nemo" I just love that movie so much so hard. It's bring me to my kindergarten life. WOW. If I was there, what I'm gonna do is *Searching Google*

    Here's some what I Google. All about Sydney. My second trip. I really hope this website gonna help me. Try to search . Yeah I like the art galleries very much. you should read that. :*

    long entry maybe. haha i'll update this post maybe tomorrow . there's so much places i wann go. okay see ya !

    I'm just an ordinary girl who live in an extraordinary life


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    nice trip !


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