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03/06/13 - Aku kena belajar hidup macam ni. Sampai bila kena terus layan perasaan. kan? Kau boleh hidup lah Ayu. Kau akan terus hidup sekiranya masih ada oksigen. Tapi tidak apabila sudah kehendakNya :') Saya yakin boleh!


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    How's life?

    Assalamu'alaikum and hye everyone.
    I don't know what to talk about today. But, since I've got a time I decided to update something in this, my blog. It's been a very long long time. Hahaha.

    Well I am shooo happy today, b'cause I am done with my PEKA. you know what its a biology. arrghh! I just can't stand in that class anymore. It's too hard. I'm not a clever girl. I'm just an ordinary girl not that much. Hayyaa!

    ohhh, still remember about my last update? it's about bad day ever. Hmmm, I think it's quite good . no more playing in english classs. haha everyone scared with teacher. hmmm, ohh ya. last friday 12/04/13 i've join one camp. it is KRIS. ''Kem Remaja Islam'' hmmm, i've learn a lots of lots of islam. i want to be a pure islam. can I? OF CAUSE I CAN !

    that's it for today. salam SYS !

    I'm just an ordinary girl who live in an extraordinary life


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