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03/06/13 - Aku kena belajar hidup macam ni. Sampai bila kena terus layan perasaan. kan? Kau boleh hidup lah Ayu. Kau akan terus hidup sekiranya masih ada oksigen. Tapi tidak apabila sudah kehendakNya :') Saya yakin boleh!


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    When I'm too lazy to answer :D

    Currently like this ! .__.

    Dear teachers,

              You're giving me a lots of homework and its killing me deeply. lol. I got no idea how to solve this physic question. Its too tough! Please teacher don't blame me if I'm not finished your physic homework. Hahah. And one more thing, tomorrow Sir Firdaus my additional mathematics teacher gonna boom 4 science 1 classs. Why the because? tomorrow I tell you :*

              Okay now what?! Should I just stop here? or what? Okay better i stop. I need to focus on my homework now. K byee ~ "Siyisly kenapa aku speaking? *tidak sedar desebabkan tekanan. Maaf @_@"

    With love,
    Ayu :3

    I'm just an ordinary girl who live in an extraordinary life


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