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03/06/13 - Aku kena belajar hidup macam ni. Sampai bila kena terus layan perasaan. kan? Kau boleh hidup lah Ayu. Kau akan terus hidup sekiranya masih ada oksigen. Tapi tidak apabila sudah kehendakNya :') Saya yakin boleh!


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    What a day

    Dear readers,
               I hope you all are in a good condition. Haha, I don't know what should I do today. But, today is the worst day ever and I hate that :# I don't know why that people so angry with me. I just said 2 words. Quite of sudden, he mad at me. What a weird?! And I just shut up my mouth, in my mind "just shut up, he still angry" Suddenly, I cry with no tears.

              Readers, have you ever fall in love with someone? I do, and this is the fourth. I do still love him, but what should I do if everyday the same thing comes to me? It's not fun and it's hurt me a lot. Okay, I already send a message to him. I want him give a break, and now our relationship is no longer exist. Oh my god, I just can't believe it. I wanna cry :'(

             Our relationship start when we chat together in facebook, and he ask for my phone number, and that the first conversation we made. I miss the moment when for the first time he said he love me. And every sweet memories that we shared together. We sing together, laugh and cry :) But I'm glad because been truly owned by you.

             Nevermind, ohh wait! ''one message"
    We are still in our relationship, I won't let you go <3 I'm sorry for what I've done. I love you so much..



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