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03/06/13 - Aku kena belajar hidup macam ni. Sampai bila kena terus layan perasaan. kan? Kau boleh hidup lah Ayu. Kau akan terus hidup sekiranya masih ada oksigen. Tapi tidak apabila sudah kehendakNya :') Saya yakin boleh!


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    This is me

    Hai hello and Assalamu'alaikum.
    This is my new account and I made this blog just for sharing my stories, my feeling, and my activity for everyday. I'm not so sure that I can update this blog for everyday, but I'll try my best. First thing first, I don't like anonymous and stalkers. Hahaha, is it weird right? I just thinking that I was the wanted. Yeah, I'm scared of that. For sure, if you want to be my friend, you can ask me at my Tagboard. I'm a friendly girl and for sure I'm not going to bite you!

    Okay now, I'm going to tell you one story. Okay, last week was my biggest examination. I mean PMR, it's a little bit scary me, but so far so good. I can handle my pressure. If not!? I am so sure I'm gonna kill myself. Hahaha! Going crazy. I already checked my History and Geografi paper and for history I got 51/60. Yeah I'm so happy because this is my first time got A. Then, geografi I got 48/60. Guess what? this is also my first time got A. Actually, my geografi is suppose to be 47/60. But, just one mark can make A, I just tell everybody that I got A. Hahaha, desperate maybe?

    I'm happy because I already got 2As. But, sometimes a happy story not ended with a happy ending right? I'm too scared about my mathematics, science, english and bahasa melayu. I just can't think straight. I wanna kill myself. Okay, english paper 2 section B Novel, ask for me to write about the main theme, but I write the minor theme that is LOVE! Ohh my god! I just can't believe that I'm writing that. Oh please help me! Drop down the gred. Now, for my bahasa melayu paper 1, I just got 23/40. Ohh poor me. Why it's happen to me. Why the questions are to hard and sharp for me? I just can't get it.

    Oh please don't talk about mathematics. .____. bye

    I'm just an ordinary girl who live in an extraordinary life


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